Monday, August 11, 2008

Potted Plants: Scary!

I almost had a heart attack this week. My son got me a potted plant for my birthday. I kept it on my kitchen counter the whole time. This week it was warm enough to plant outside. It was in a plastic pot wedged into a decorative outer container. After planting the flower, I got a knife to get the plastic pot out of the glass one. When I wedged the knife around the sides, something moved. I told my son it looked like a snake, so he took the liner out. To our surprise, there was not one snake, but two baby copperheads. I almost died! When we took the plastic pot out, there was a piece of cardboard up the side. There must have been eggs in the holes of the cardboard that hatched out when it got hot.

Take my advice and don't bring nursery plants inside. This could have been really, really bad. The plant was bought at a grocery store; I won't give the name because I don't want to ruin their business, plus I'm pretty sure it was the grower and not the store who was responsible. Growers should take more care when potting plants.

I just want to warn you guys not to bring plants inside; who knows what could be lurking way down under those roots. I am only thankful it was not intended as a house plant!

This also applies to plants that you have had outside thru the summer and want to bring them inside in the cold weather.


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