Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Amazing Whitetail Deer

We received these images several days ago from a friend of ours and were shocked when we opened them up. First and foremost we want to stress the fact that while we do post some strange and unusual things here, we in no way condone shooting or attempting to shoot any animal in the head with an arrow. Not only is this an extremely low percentage shot, but as you can see from these photos it makes the entire hunting community look bad when these are seen by non-hunters. Granted, bad shots are going to happen on accident and that is a part of the game that we all should recognize. But purposely taking a bad shot is extremely unethical and uncalled for. For the sake of our sport and our sportsmanship, DO NOT ever attempt this shit with a bow and arrow.

The ability of the whitetail deer to survive after enduring a wound of this sort is amazing, and nothing short of a true testament to their toughness and durability. They never cease to amaze us!

If anyone has additional information about these photos or the person who took them please contact us.