Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Deer Lease For Sale

Deer Lease,

From a man in Isle of Palms, SC:

I took a lease on a piece of land where there are plenty of Deer roaming around.. I put up a stand in a nice place where several game trails cross.. BUT, due to some incurred Obstacles getting to the Stand last Saturday, I've decided to forego any more attempts at bagging a trophy deer this year .. So, if anybody want's my deer stand for the rest of the year, it's open to any one who would like to take a stab at it......

My heart can't take another day like last Saturday.


BigBuck_hunter said...

Awww.. snakes?????

For every hunter owning a hunting land is best dream ever. A great deal of freedom and control comes with owning your own personal hunting land. If you buy the land, it is yours to control exclusively until you die or until you sell it. No one can take it away as long as you keep making the payments. It is a good investment for your money as well. However there several dowside when owning hunting land such as the amount of time and attention. Someone needs to patrol it, someone needs to work with the government on farm programs, someone needs to plant the food plots, someone needs to buy equipment and perform basic maintenance on the property, someone needs to work with timber buyers, etc.