Friday, October 3, 2008

Bow Grizzly

I don't know if this is a true account or not but if it is....WOW!!!

Ron is an experienced hunter and used to be a guide, was calling an elkfor his dad, who was down hill 40 yards. The elk suddenly spooked andthen Ron heard a noise behind him. He turned around and a grizzly was 15 feet behind him. He tried to shoo it away but it proceeded toward him.

He went behind a tree and the bear kept coming, so he took off on his'death run' down hill towards his dad. With the grizzly just feet behindhis son, and running full speed, Ron's dad shot one arrow. Ron saw the arrow fly by his leg, unsure of whether it hit the bear, and within a few more steps, Ron was on his back with the grizzly on top of him.

With is arms shielding his head, Ron kicked and punched the bear withall he had. Ron said it all went to fast and he was so full ofadrenaline, he could not feel any pain at the time of the attack. Whenthe bear continued to attack, Ron's dad, could see that the bear was bleeding badly from the arrow, and he went over and started beating on the bear with his bow (You can not carry guns during bow hunting, so he had nothing to shoot it).

The bear continued to attack Ron, biting clearthrough his left hand and glove, and down to the bone of his right arm just below the elbow. Then the bear, stopped, looking at Ron's dad, walked away several yards, and rolled over dead.

The bear was autopsied and showed that it was well over 500 lbs (thegrizzlies in that area average 350lbs) and 11 years old (which is init's prime). Following the path of the arrow, the autopsy showed thatthe arrow went in, hit a main artery, then bent, and hit the heart! A one in a thousand shot they said.

Another important fact to mention is that Ron's dad had had surgery on his arm, because he had injured his arm and was not even able to pull the bow last season. This was to be his big hunt, and before the day ofthe attack, he had already missed two elk that were standing still. The morning of the attack, Ron's dad (also named Ron), prayed 'God pleaseguide my arrow today'. Little did Ron Sr. and Ron know how God would guide his arrow that day!


JeffreyShockley said...

I don't know if this is a true account or not but if it is....WOW!!! Missouri goose hunting